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Your trusted source for expert medical insights and information, authored by dedicated physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Medical Fiction

Medical Fiction: The Gatekeeper of Life

In this medical fiction, Max wields his stamp with zeal, evaluating prior authorizations by cost rather than quality, as Silvia’s symptoms force her to navigate the same greedy system....


Condition Spotlights include a collection of feature articles, study abstracts, and other resources all focused on a specific disease or condition.

Condition Spotlight: Lung Cancer Biomarkers

A collection of feature articles, study abstracts, and other resources all focused on lung cancer biomarkers.

Condition Spotlight: Prostate Cancer

A collection of feature articles, study abstracts, and other resources all focused on prostate cancer.

hives, Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria, rash

Condition Spotlight: Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria

A collection of feature articles, study abstracts, and other resources all focused on chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU).

Condition Spotlight: Tardive Dyskinesia

A collection of feature articles, study abstracts, and additional resources all focused on tardive dyskinesia (TD).


The latest news from key medical conferences, including features, abstracts, information about the conference, and more.

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Book Hospital

"Morning ladies what can I help you with today?" "It's my spine!" "It's my appendix!" "I'm...

Swallowed paints cartoon

Swallowed Paints

"He swallowed some of his acrylic paints and now he's artsy fartsy."




Busy hospital, crowded, people bustling around doctors and nurses, photo

How Struggling Hospital Operating Margins & Rising Patient Volume Affect Physicians

by | Jan 20, 2024 | Business of Medicine,Revenue | 0 Comments

Although patient volume is rising in healthcare systems, costs that outpace gains up to 3:1 continue to squeeze margins. Hospitals have seen a rise in patient volume...

Happy group of multiracial doctors, teamwork, ethnicities, ethnic, races, diversity. photo

How to Achieve Greater Diversity in Residency Programs

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Business of Medicine,Careers | 0 Comments

Given the massive cultural differences among patients, the US healthcare system must attract diverse medical professionals to provide the best possible care. Diversity...

magnifying glass, glasses, Insurance Policy, photo, malpractice, personal injury

What Influences Physician Malpractice Insurance Rates?

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Business of Medicine,Practice Management | 0 Comments

No matter what, physicians must remember that quality malpractice insurance is never a substitute for superb medical care and risk management. Best practices dictate...

Cropped Building trust, graphic image of machines building the word trust

Why Physicians Need to Build Patient Trust to Obtain More Quality Digital Data

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Business of Medicine,Practice Management | 0 Comments

Healthcare providers need patient data to provide the best care; however, patients are increasingly wary of providing this data. Here’s how to build trust. Patients...

Datamining Businessman hand touching data mining icon on VR screen

Confronting the Threat of Datamining-Based Fraud Investigations

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Business of Medicine,Medical Law,Practice Management | 0 Comments

The Department of Justice employs datamining to find physicians they suspect have committed acts of fraudulence or malpractice. Here’s what they look for. Today’s...

thumbs down no negative dislike gloves

How to Say “No” to Patients & Maintain a Solid Relationship

by | Nov 14, 2023 | Business of Medicine,Practice Management | 0 Comments

Physicians must remember they took an oath to “do no harm” and must act in accordance with it, even if their choices do not meet a patient’s preferences. Professionals...

social media phone Facebook Twitter

How Physicians Can Engage in Social Media Use Without Inviting a Malpractice Suit

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Business of Medicine,Medical Law | 0 Comments

Maintaining the utmost professionalism on social media apps is essential for physicians. Social media impacts many people’s careers, and physicians are no exception....

Female doctor woman physician mask

Healthcare Organizations Can Do More for Women Leaders in Academic Medicine

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Business of Medicine,Careers | 0 Comments

Women are underrepresented in leadership positions across a wide range of industries, and medicine is no exception. Although the number of women in full-time faculty...

question mark

Is There Space for Physicians and Nurses to Both Claim ‘Doctor’?

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Business of Medicine,Careers | 0 Comments

The healthcare arena’s figurative boxing match between physicians and nurses over who besides those with Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) can...


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