Author: Janine Anthes

CME/CE: Guidelines for Managing Breast Cancer Survivors

Corinne R. Leach, PhD, MS, MPH, Strategic Director, Cancer and Aging Research American Cancer Society. According to national estimates, breast cancer ranks as the most common non-cutaneous malignancy among women, representing four in 10 female cancer survivors in the United States. The 5-year survival rate after breast cancer treatment is almost 85% for all stages, according to studies. More than 245,000 women will be newly diagnosed with invasive breast cancer this year, and an estimated 2.8 million breast cancer survivors are alive in the U.S. Considering the likelihood of long-term survival among these patients, it is important to address...

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Going off the deep end about water

The latest water craze has generated a lot of discussion. The New York Times reported that some people in California [where else?] have started drinking “raw water” which is “unfiltered, undertreated, unsterilized spring water.” Why are they doing this? They claim that tap water should be avoided because of fluoride. Google “evils of fluoride,” and you’ll find treatises such as “Top 10 dangers of fluoride.” What, only 10? Bottled water is not the answer because it is also treated to remove some minerals and beneficial bacteria. Before you go out and buy some raw water—also known by the brand...

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