Feb 28, 2024

How Will the 2024 Presidential Election Affect Healthcare?

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“Healthcare is at a very delicate moment,” says Jeanne Haggerty, a lobbyist for Williams & Jensen in Washington DC. With 25 years of governmental affairs experience in Washington, she should know. Haggerty’s successful career on the Hill has included working on the Senate Finance Committee, and later, the House Energy and Commerce Committee. During this time, she built strong relationships and knowledge in a wide variety of policy areas, but her specialty is healthcare policy. Haggerty takes the time to explain the upcoming health policy issues to watch in Congress in 2024 and conjectures on what might happen to healthcare policy depending on who wins the upcoming presidential election. This discussion is bipartisan and has no political leaning. There is, however, a strong call to action for physicians interested in policy to contact the AMA or other specialist society to ensure that the voice of clinicians is heard, no matter what the topic is you are passionate about.

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Sara Gorman, PhD, MPH

Jeanne Haggerty

Lobbyist for Williams & Jensen